Skills To Look For In Your Next IT Professional

Skills To Look For In Your Next IT Professional

Although the IT field is quickly growing, you can’t hire the first person who applies when you’re looking for a new IT professional. Don’t stack your preferences on a new college grad who promises to work for cheap, but don’t automatically assume that the person who’s been in IT for the last 20 years is the best candidate either. Find out which four skills companies look for when hiring their next IT professionals.

Responsive Mobile Development Knowledge


Everything has an app these days. Every company or business has a website. Businesses that are intent on reaching a new generation of consumers know that mobile development is a critical niche that needs to be successfully filled.

An IT professional who understands responsive design and its importance, mobile-friendly e-commerce, and mobile integration can quickly update the way your company conducts business. Not only will this approach attract attention from a younger target market, but responsive mobile interfaces will make your workplace run more efficiently, as well.

Organized Project Management and Implementation Abilities

As you review resumes, look for the professionals who speak about project management. Since much business today gets accomplished online, and since technological advances such as the cloud make an impact on businesses, the IT professional is no longer an employee who sits in the corner of the office waiting to help someone with email or computer virus issues.

Indeed, IT professionals are responsible for creating and implementing new rules, techniques, technology resource use restrictions, and safety measures. Since you need someone who can follow through on strategic planning, successful implementation is as critical of a skill as project management itself.

Foolproof Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity knowledge is especially important, particularly in any company that uses the cloud to store confidential company data, sensitive client or customer information, and other private files. Keeping files in the cloud is convenient, but this form of storage is also dangerous if you don’t have security measures in place to guard against hackers, nosy or dishonest employees, and information breaches.

Customers harbor concerns about their personal information. They trust you not to give out their names, phone numbers, addresses, and financial information. Only a skilled IT professional who understands the latest cybersecurity threats, gaps, and preventive measures can make sure that sensitive information is kept safe.

Customer Support Awareness

Customer support and IT can and do converge sometimes. Depending on the nature of your business or product, unsatisfied, confused, or curious customers may need to talk to someone with technological knowledge. A gifted, well-versed IT person can simultaneously handle any IT issues in the office and counsel customers who need help with issues such as website navigation, product ordering, or payment information.

Only you know the right person for the job, as the ideal candidate should work well with your employees and fit in at the office. Remember to consider candidates who have the skills needed for your business demands today as well as the challenges you’ll face tomorrow.

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